Time Management, Work Efficiency and Productivity Services

My services will help you be more efficient at work and at home.  At work, these services will help you deliver projects on time, on budget and to expectations.  At home, these services will make you more productive so you will have more free time for your family and personal interests.

Time Management

  •  Create a comprehensive task list by category
  •  Establish task priorities
  •  Delegate tasks to others
  •  Purge tasks from the To Do list
  •  Create shortcuts and efficiencies to accomplish the task
  •  Schedule the tasks in a planner or calendar
  •  Manage interruptions
  •  Respect your schedule

Office Organizing

  • Action Item List and tracking
  • Filing
  • Email and PC file management
  • Manage distractions

Paper Management

  • Manage paper flow
  • Filing
  • Follow Paper Retention guidelines